Southbound Cottage - North Beach, Chatham, MA
Northcape Marine Service, LLC
PO Box 2097
Orleans, MA 02653

We can't do anything about runaway cottages
but there are many things we CAN do for you.


"Northcape Marine Services began life as Wychmere Harbor Marine Service in 1962, servicing and installing marine engines, specializing in marine electrical systems and cooling systems.

The business evolved throughout the years, addressing growing needs and economic circumstances, into a multi-dimensional marine service provider.

We are pleased to now be able to add Home Watch Services to supplement our marine-based services and products."

Owner/Manager: Rich Berube

Cape Cod, as we all know, is a truly unique place. It has always been a "fishing village" of sorts. Northcape Marine Services is proud to have been serving boaters and fishermen for over 50 years.

While the fishing industry, with all its varients, continue to be the backbone of the Cape, the tourist industry and the resultant uptick in the purchase of second homes has created a need for home watch services.

Our experience, skill, knowledge, and abilities make us the natural choice for those in the market for security of their second homes.