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Marine Repairs

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Northcape Marine Service was begun by a native Cape Codder in 1962. His practices and policies were based on honesty, and were settled with a handshake. Those business principles are still the bedrock basis of how we work to serve our customers.

We were just a mobile marine repair business back then, specializing in inboard engine rebuilding and repair as well as electrical troubleshooting and cooling system expertise.

Over the years, we added a commercial assistance towing & salvage business (TowBOATUS Northcape - serving the entire Cape Cod Bay area, Massachusetts Bay to Plymouth, Duxbury, & Marshfield, and the "backside" of the Cape out to the "Shipping Lanes" ).

During that time, due to the need for divers on various salvage projects, we began offering diving services for maintenance purposes.

For several years, until 2008 when the economy took a tumble, we operated two towboats (30' & 42') with a significant array of salvage gear. We then cut back to one towboat until 2013 when it was no longer profitable to continue the towing.

Beginning in 2014, we are focusing on educating our customers about the importance of marine maintenance.

Pro-active (maintenance) approaches to preventing breakdowns are infinitely less expensive than the reactive (towing/repairs) approaches.

We know that the value of the family and friends aboard your boat is your highest priority.

The old axiom "you can pay me now or you can pay me later" was never more true than with a boat with family and friends in it.

That is our philosophy. We know it works. We hope you agree with it.

Volume is NOT our goal, repeat customers IS.

We are a local business serving local folks. It's that simple.
From Our Files