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Northcape Marine Service, LLC
PO Box 2097
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Since there is very little we CAN'T do, there is not much sense in trying to list what we CAN do.

We try not to take on more than we can reasonably do so that we are, or will be, in a position to assist you with your needs in a timely fashion.

In return, we ask that you recognize our insistence on NOT using used or "low bid" parts. We use OEM or OEM-equivalent parts and materials whenever they are available.

Barring unforeseen acquisition problems, we will NOT use parts which we have not provided or approved.

Because of our constant contact with commercial fishermen we learned of a bait shortage for the local lobstering industry so, in 2016, we took a huge step in filling that void.

We allied with a reputable, well-known bait supplier in Canada and formed our own bait supply business. We call it "Bait Depot". Click on "Frozen Bait" on the nav bar above to see our website.