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Northcape Marine Service, LLC
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Home Watch Services

Northcape Marine Service, LLC
Home Watch Services

PO Box 2097 Orleans, MA 02653 508-237-0780

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More and more people are buying second homes on Cape Cod.
Above are just a few reminders of why folks visit, then buy property on Cape Cod.

Weather, storms, vandalism, and trespassers are just a few reasons to have your home watched when you are away. We are your eyes and ears. We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Click for an example.

Sometimes we tend to take for granted those things which are right in front of us. Don't let having your home watched, by the professionals at Northcape Services Home Watch be one of those things.

"Cape Cod natives are environmentally sensitive, know the area thoroughly, and have more local knowledge and contacts with reliable, trustworthy contractors to ensure that every maintenance or repair challenge can be resolved promptly and at reasonable cost.

We identify problems before they become issues. It's who we are, it's what we do."

Owner/Manager: Rich Berube

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